About me

My name is Ros, and I’m based in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.  I’m single, with a young adult son and I am seeking deeper meaning to life….

Well, when I say deeper meaning what I actually mean is a way to enjoy life without having to work in a high pressure job to pay the bills!  I’m surrounded by lovely family and friends, and we very often don’t have time to see each other because we are busy being busy…does that sound familiar?  I am an ice hockey fan, I love listening to music, reading and watching movies – and drinking coffee first thing in the morning!

I decided to start my blog in 2019, and in early March 2020 I attended the Alt Summit in Palm Springs, California, which was an AMAZING experience!  Now I need to put it all into action…

I’m going to write about stuff I find interesting, things I’ve found to be useful – oh and I’ll also include the odd post about anything significant happening in my life.  Hope you enjoy the blog!